Whether you’re looking for a safe place to worship, an inclusive liturgy or a pamphlet to use in talking to others in your congregation, there are a wealth of resources available, online and offline. You’ll find many specific resources linked below.

What about the Bible?

College Resources for LGBTQ students

This guide from AffordableColleges.com includes scholarships and actionable strategies to assess a school on its inclusivity and programs to help make the transition to college easier for LGBTQ students.

Resources from the Reconciling Ministries Network

Find a Church
Find a reconciling congregation, community, or campus ministry

For the Bible Tells Me So (DVD)
This feature-length award-winning documentary brings together the debate about whether the Bible condemns homosexuality or not with and intensely personal portrait of five families with lesbian or gay children. It airs the anti-gay arguments on Biblical interpretation and then unpacks the issue of Biblical interpretation to demonstrate that the Bible does not, in fact, condemn LGBT people. The film is probably best suited as part of a discussion of Biblical authority and homosexuality or for audiences who have already broached the topic and are searching for a way to be faithful and welcome all. What it does best is make clear that this “issue” is about real people and that real people’s lives and families have been wrecked by homophobic misuses of the Bible.

Many Voices
Working in partnership with nationally-recognized pastors, theologians, and Christian educators, Many Voices is laying a foundation for dialogue from within the black church. Through trainings, mentoring, and online resources that provide a safe place to ask questions, learn, and take new steps, we equip African American pastors and church members to publicly share the faith journeys that have led them to affirm love and justice for gay and transgender (LGBT) families.

Available resources include: And God Loves Each OneDios nos ama por igual, and Made in God’s Image